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Business Signs

Stand Out with a Custom Wood Business Sign

First impressions matter. Give your store, business, or commercial space the edge it deserves with a custom business sign. We’ve got you covered, from eye-catching front signage to striking display signs inside your shop. 

Signs from The Northern Giant Workshop won’t look like any other sign on the block. You can customize every aspect, from fonts and color to unique logo design. Order is easy, and our turnaround time is so quick you could hang your sign in as little as two weeks. Just click “Build Your Sign” to start creating yours today.

Benefits of Business Signs

Our signs aren’t just about looks. A custom sign is an investment in your business that we think is priceless.

Make a Striking First Impression

With a captivating outdoor sign, capture customers’ imaginations before they enter your store. It’s all about starting on the right foot.

Increase Brand Visibility

A high-quality, prominent business sign increases your brand's visibility and gets the word out about your product or services. It also ensures people remember your name, logo, and tagline.

Mark Your Location

Customers can’t enjoy your services if they can’t find you. Customers can’t enjoy your services if they can’t find you. A custom sign with your business’s name marks your location and attracts passers-by.

Lightbulb Moment: Business Sign Ideas

Want to see some examples of ways to make your business stand out? Deep dive into our wood sign ideas and inspiration portfolio. At The Northern Giant Workshop, we offer various templates, sizes, colors, and fonts to choose from so you can create a sign that checks all your boxes. Need help finding what suits your style? Our craftsmen will work with you to create a completely custom piece.

Not Your Average Restaurant Signs

Don’t leave your customers guessing. Mark your spot and set the vibe with a custom restaurant sign.
In Store Signs

Bring your brand to life with a custom storefront sign that perfectly compliments your aesthetic.

Let’s Shop Signs

Make sure your shop pops with a creative and compelling custom wood sign. 

Get Away Airbnb Signs

Get a custom wood sign that’s perfect for marking your Airbnb property.

Find Your Directional Signage
Point customers in the right direction with fun, eye-catching directional signage
Takeaway Food Truck Signs
Make sure customers notice you food truck wherever you go with an unforgettable sign!

Business Signs FAQ

The cost of your outdoor business sign will depend on the templated design and size you choose. We believe that high-quality wood signs should be accessible to every business owner. That’s why we offer various sizes and style options, so you are sure to find one that works for your needs and budget.

Some outdoor business sign ideas include sidewalk signs, wall signs, large overhang signs, and custom yard signs. Business signage is essential for any industry, from your local mom-and-pop ice cream shop or clothing store to expansive hotel and restaurant chains.

Yes, business signs do work! They’re proven to increase sales and are highly effective for marketing and brand awareness. Plus, our custom creations last for years, making them a rewarding and valuable investment.

While you can put anything on our custom wood signs, business signs typically include your business name, logo, phone number, and physical address. They can also announce special sales, events, product lines, or promotions.

Outdoor Signs

Whether you’ve just opened your dream business venture or are a long-time business owner looking for a brand refresh, we can help. We craft stunning, high-quality outdoor business signs that instantly attract attention. From sidewalk sale signs to custom name and logo overhangs, our seasoned team of woodworkers ensures all eyes are on you.

Indoor Signs

Want to advertise a new line of merchandise, display your business name, or proudly showcase your company's mission statement? Our indoor signs are a great way to direct customers and illustrate information within your establishment. Best of all, you can customize each sign to fit your business's unique style, decor, and branding.

Ready to Create a Custom Carved Business Sign? Let’s Go!

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